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Since 1994, the Wine PocketList has been THE guide to top-rated wines under $30 a bottle.

We’ve rated thousands of wines, all searchable online, with new wine reviews added continually as wines are released, reviewed and judged.


  • Instant access to thousands of top-rated, affordable wines and their scores.
  • We sort through and analyze EVERY WINE reviewed by all major wine periodicals, and compile the results in our wine database.
  • You can quickly search, sort, and save wines based on your taste and preferences.

Wine Finder

Welcome to the Wine PocketList VinFinder

Here’s where you can search and sort to create your customized “Wine PocketList,” and save it in your own online cellar. Create and save multiple lists, and access saved lists at any time. Print them out to accompany you to the bottle shop or grocery store as you hunt down that perfect wine.

Refine your search through whatever criteria you choose using the comprehensive “VinFinder Search.” Or, members can “Quick Search” our database by winery to find a particular wine.

Here’s how the WinePocket List works:

Step 1: Choose a range of wines and prices that you like.
Step 2: Sort them any way you want: by price, type, region, winery, etc.
Step 3: Save the Results in your private “virtual cellar”.
Step 4: Print shopping lists and purchase the perfect wines for you.

VinFinder Search

To customize your search, choose as many or as few fields as you like (Price, Grades, Wine Types, etc.). The more stringent your parameters, the fewer wines you will get in your list. Please keep in mind that while the free trial shows only five wines in the search results, it will tell you how many wines are in our database that fit your parameters. Members get complete results.

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Based on our proven, critically acclaimed wine rating system, we’ve compiled only the best wines from the major wine periodicals, (including Wine SpectatorInternational Wine CellarWine Advocate) eliminating the guesswork from buying wine.

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Wine Reviews and Ratings You Can Use

Did you know that only a very small percentage of the “premium” wine produced is highly rated in wine reviews?

This means that many of the wines you’ll find on the shelf simply don’t measure up.

Whatever your passion for wine, (Australian WineCalifornia WineFrench WineItalian Wine or any other wine…) our wine reviews will help you understand which wines are really the best for you.

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“I like this wine publication because anyone can find a good, expensive wine; the trick is to find good, inexpensive wines. The Wine PocketList helps do just that…”
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“Because of the Wine PocketList, I started drinking better wines, and then started to appreciate better wines…my enjoyment of wine has really grown. The PocketList got me started. Thank you!”
– J. Walsh, New Jersey

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“The Wine PocketList [is] a truly superb guide for wine stocking and selection on a reasonable budget.”
– The Midwest Book Review

“There is nowhere near enough good wine to go around. It is a lesson that I have never seen spelled out in a beginner’s guide.”
– San Francisco Examiner Magazine

Our subscribers enjoy access to reviews of thousands of top-rated wines from around the world (including the best U.S., European and Australian wines) all under $30 a bottle. Wine reviews are based on our proven, critically acclaimed wine rating system. We’ve compiled only the best wines from the major wine periodicals, eliminating the guesswork from purchasing wine.

Did You Know?

That (depending on the source) somewhere around 1% of the “premium” wine produced is highly rated? This means that many of the wines you’ll find on the shelf simply don’t measure up. Get more straight talk on wine.

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We’ve done the hard work of sorting through the thousands of wines released and rated each month to find the best quality and the best value. With the WinePocketList, you can make finding new, great wines simple and fun – every time.

What Is The Wine Pocket List?

The PocketList Book

The Wine PocketList is a guide to top-rated wines, using our proprietary system to blend wine quality and scoring information from many of the top wine periodicals with historical and other qualitative data to deliver solid, believable and very usable ratings.

Since 1994, we’ve rated thousands of wines, all searchable online, with new wines added continually as they are released and judged.

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