Critical Acclaim

Since 1994, the Wine PocketList has been acclaimed as an easy-to-use wine guide for wine lovers of all types, for novices and vinophiles alike — all at an affordable price. Over the years, we’ve captured the attention and palates of food and wine writers across the United States. Why?

We’ve heard that using the Wine PocketList as wine selection guide is a great way for wine lovers to easily find wine based on their particular interests.

If you’re looking for a selection of affordable wine, old wine, wine you can easily find at the local store, a wine price guide, Australian wine, Italian wine or a particular Cabernet, then this is the wine guide for you.Wine novice or old school oenophile, the critics agree.

Here’s what some of them have had to say about our wine guides:

San Francisco Examiner Magazine
Knowing Nothing About Wine: For the true wine connoisseur, ignorance is bliss.
“To expect to drink good wine regularly, you must have a good memory, canniness, a willingness to spend lots of money and a bit of luck… There is nowhere near enough good wine to go around… [that’s why] the Wine Pocketlist is uniquely tailored to our need…”

U.S. Airways Attaché Magazine
Wine Grading: A guide of guides, culled from a variety of expert’s opinions, helps you make a safe bet on that untried bottle.
“You’re standing in the wine shop scanning the rows of zinfandels and sauvignon blancs, trying to remember the name of that perky vintage…”

The Virginian-Pilot
[The Wine PocketList] is a guide to buying affordable, highly rated wines
“Beyond its use as a buying guide, [The Wine PocketList] is interesting reading, much like box scores are for the sports fan.”

Fine Cooking
I love to buy wine because I love to drink wine.
“But even though I know a lot about wine, shopping for it can still be mystifying, frustrating, and ultimately wallet draining. That’s why I really like [The Wine PocketList]”

The Detroit News
The Wine PocketList makes it easy to pick out a winner.
“How would you expect a college professor to grade wines? Seems only natural to give the better ones A’s and B’s, which is what you will find in the unique Wine PocketList.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch
One of the best quick guides to wine is the [Wine PocketList]…
“To be included… a wine must have a minimum production of 1,000 cases, making chances of finding wine fairly good.”

The Milwaukee Journal
Tally of Ratings Makes a Handy Shopping Guide
“…having this list in concise form was simpler than carrying along several wine publications to a store.”

Culinary Trends
The Wine PocketList Takes the Confusion and Frustration Out of Buying Wine
“The Wine PocketList allows anyone to consistently select very good bottles of wine.”

Dayton Daily News
…there’s a sea of wine out there and selecting wines can be awfully confusing.
“Spending hard-earned money on a disappointing bottle stifles exploration far more than using a list. For many wine drinkers, [The Wine PocketList] could be quite useful…”

Chicago Sun Times
“You don’t have to spend a week’s salary to buy a good bottle of wine…
is a new periodical that lists more than 500 imported and domestic wines available at…